Micro/Nano needling

Micro-needling and Nano-needling are popular methods of skin rejuvenation. Also called collagen induction therapy, Microneedling is a cosmetic method that involves microscopic punctures in the skin using tiny needles. The micro-injuries that follow stimulate the immune system to step up collagen production in defense.

Nano-needling stimulates collagen production in the skin by safely infusing active ingredients from your serum through tiny nano-channels. This is very similar, but less invasive than micro-needling and allows up to 97% product absorption. This treatment combats fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation, and other skin blemishes through the transdermal delivery system for increased effectiveness of serums.

Unlike micro-needling, nano-needling does not require any numbing cream and will painlessly smooth the skin’s texture to leave your skin glowing by triggering your body’s self-rejuvenation process. The recommended nano-needling length is .25mm and you may perform this procedure every second week.