Make up

Makeup is an art that a few can master. There are several considerations to factor in when applying makeup: skin tone, texture, the shape of the face, and the occasion are only a few listed. There is also a correct order in which makeup must be applied. In short, it takes a skilled professional to accomplish the desired look. That is what we do. At LA VITA we ensure that you achieve the look you desire for the occasion.

Bridal Makeup

For every woman, her wedding is just about the most important day in her life. Looking her best on her special day is the wish of every bride. In the past, it was the bride’s family and friends who fussed over her and took care of her makeup. Today, bridal makeup is an art that is best left to the experts. From a traditional look to a look that transforms you completely – a bridal makeup artist is trained to achieve the desired look.

When you get in touch with us in advance, we can work on the best makeup look that will not only make you look ravishing on your wedding day, but one that is long-lasting and looks great in photographs.

Event Makeup

Whether you wish to achieve a natural and subtle look or a complete makeover, a major event is a perfect opportunity to go the extra mile with your makeup.

We ensure your makeup is flawless and suits your special event. You can trust us with your event makeup requirements.

Express Makeup

When you are in a hurry and trying to get somewhere in a quick time, our express makeup application service is your ideal solution. When you are crunched for time, walk into our clinic and leave your makeup to our experts. Our expertise in makeup gives us the advantage of working quickly and seamlessly and includes coverage, concealer, lip color, mascara, and brow fill-in.

Eyes Only

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. From smoky eye makeup to sparkling eye makeup, our eyes-only makeup up service ensures your eyes are the window to your soul. Our service includes mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer for just under the eyes, and brows.

Full Face Makeup

We help you achieve a perfect and flawless look with our full-face makeup service. We stay updated with the latest trends and not only do your makeup but will also teach you how you can recreate the look the next time round.

Individual lashes

For stunning and natural-looking lashes, we offer you a sophisticated range of professional, high-quality individual lashes. We have you completely covered with our individual lash application service.

Lashes strip

Eyelashes play an important role in enhancing your beauty. With your lashes having a great influence on your looks, you can’t afford to sport scarce eyelashes. Our strip lashes give your eyes a wide-open and more awake look. From individual lashes to clusters and strips, we offer you a wide range to choose from.

To go makeup service

Why go out and risk the traffic when you can have your makeup done in the comfort of your own home? Give us a call for your hair and makeup requirements, and our makeup artist and hairstylist will come to you.

To go makeup service (bride)

We offer an at-home makeup service for the convenience of the bride to have their makeup done wherever they might need it. Give us a call, and we will come out to you, fully equipped to get you looking stunning on your special day.