Dental care

Teeth cleaning: Plaque is a colorless, sticky film that accumulates on the teeth and gum lines within a few hours after brushing. Combined with the sugars in food and saliva, the plaque produces bacteria that release harmful acids, which damage tooth enamel and lead to cavities.

When not addressed, plaque turns into tartar, which are hard, crusty deposits that contribute to gum and teeth infection. As part of preventive dentistry services, we offer professional teeth cleaning that removes plaque and tartar that can lead to potential health problems, including gingivitis and cavities.

Regular professional teeth cleaning at LA VITA is an ideal way to maintain your oral health while enriching your smile.

Deep teeth cleaning: A biannual professional deep teeth cleaning is recommended by the American Dental Association for optimal oral health. At LA VITA we offer painless and quick deep teeth cleaning services in Glendale that help ensure your gums and teeth stay healthy.

During a deep tooth cleaning treatment, your dental professional reviews your medical history and performs other diagnostics to get a holistic view of your dental and overall health. The services that are offered include:

  • Dental x-rays and other diagnostics to detect tooth decay and oral health issues
  • Tooth whitening or stain removal services
  • Fluoride application
  • Polishing rough spots if any in fillings, crowns, and teeth
  • Cleaning and aligning of dentures
  • Counseling for tobacco-cessation

Implant placement: One of the most effective ways to address the loss of tooth or teeth is with dental implants. These are artificial tooth roots and resemble screws in shape. These implants are fixed into your jawbone, where they bond with the bones and act as a sturdy base to support the placement of artificial teeth (crowns).

What to expect during the dental implant procedure?

  •  The implant dentist evaluates your mouth and takes x-rays and 3D images before discussing implant options.
  • At the scheduled appointment, the dental implant is placed into the jawbone. Local anesthesia or sedation may be used to enhance comfort.
  • The next few weeks is when osseointegration takes place where the implant and jawbone fuse together.
  • After the implant bonds, the abutment is placed to allow the fixing of artificial teeth.

Tooth extraction: At LA VITA, we use advanced dentistry to preserve and protect your natural teeth. Tooth extraction is necessary when the damage to the tooth becomes irreversible. The conditions that lead to severe dental damage include chronic periodontal disease, tooth decay or trauma.

Carried out under local or general anesthesia, the extraction is safe and hassle-free experience at our practice.

Zoom! Teeth whitening: Tooth discoloration can occur as part of the aging process or due to the consumption of dark-colored foods and beverages such as cola, coffee, tea, red wine or from smoking. Zoom is a well-known practiced tooth whitening process to achieve optimal brightness of teeth.

At LA VITA, this procedure is completed within an hour, however, a preliminary examination and teeth cleaning are recommended before the whitening procedure.

After covering the lips and gums, the dentist applies the Zoom whitening gel that contains hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent. A-Zoom light is then used that penetrates into the teeth and breaks up stains.